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January 03, 2018

Artículo publicado en el diario La Nación (ARG) con mención a nuestro cliente Celent. 

January 08, 2018

A continuación les compartimos todos los eventos más importantes e influyentes para el sector asegurador en Latinoamérica. 




IT Solutions – Hotel NH City - Buenos Aires

Pool Económico (Media)

The insurance market has already begun the process of transformation that will allow it to digitalize and gain prominence in the new digital economy. From the core of the business to the sale and after-sales, processes are renewed to incorporate new technologies and meet the demands of a new millennial audience. Technological innovation appears in the hands of the Insurtech and the industry adds efforts to generate a technological ecosystem that allows boosting the business.




Conferencia anual innovación y tendencias – Auditorio Buenos Aires Design


100% Seguros (Media)

The role of technology and science in decision making; cultural changes and new consumer profiles; the generation of new business opportunities; the main challenges faced by different actors in the insurance sector; they will be just some of the topics that will make up the agenda of a new edition of this unique meeting.



Congreso Regional de Seguros (Tucumán)

100% Seguros (Media)

The quintessential scenario of the interior of the country continues to travel the Argentine Republic year after year to bring to the Insurance Advisors Producers of each region, the different business opportunities and the main challenges that are presented to the insurance market, with the analysis of the main branches of the activity.


The Superintendency of Insurance, the business chambers, Producers associations and market managers will be interviewed live, and the assistants will be able to act as "journalists" to be able to train and remove all doubts.







XII Congreso Internacional sobre Fraude en el Seguro


The event is an excellent opportunity to learn about new trends in the prevention of insurance fraud and relationships with specialists in Latin American issues.


During the Congress several issues that drive the practices to detect frauds to insurance companies, inter-institutional and coordinated work will be discussed; and the new technologies applied in the fight against fraud. Within the framework of this meeting, the award of the International Anti-Fraud Contest will be held.

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